Richard Boyce


Richard has a unique blend of experience, being a practising chartered accountant, tax agent and 5th generation member of a family that owns businesses across Australia and UK. He is a specialist family  business advisor and has worked with many leading global business families to develop their generational family corporate model.

Richard has worked with leading  entrepreneurial families through his role as Asia Pacific Lead Partner for Ernst & Young’s (EY) Global Family  Business Centre of Excellence and his families firm - BOYCE Chartered Accountants, which is the largest  Agribusiness specialist firm in Australia. He is an academic director of the global Family Firm Institute (FFI), a  strategic consultant to Family Business Australia (FBA), Chair of RMIT University School of Accounting, and an independent board member of a number of generational family businesses.

Richard’s passion is family enterprises and providing the support structures and mentoring to see  generational families succeed for future generations.

Jeremy Hagenbach



Jeremy is a senior international management professional with senior leadership and project management roles in small, medium and large customer focused organisations and family businesses. He has in-depth industry experience in food and beverage, catering management, retail, agribusiness and professional services.


With a background from a generational entrepreneurial business family, Jeremy is the 3rd generation that owns farming and business interests in Regional NSW. He was integral in managing the succession between 2nd and 3rd generations of his global family and sibling/cousin group.


Jeremy leads the Project Consulting Group of BOYCE Family Office including oversight for investment projects and direct business portfolio.  He also provides project based consulting advice to BOYCE Family Office clients. A highly experienced professional that develops progressive and collaborative team environments allowing families and businesses to perform at their optimum.

Lea Boyce


Lea has extensive experience working with leading global family businesses. With experience across  many industries Lea brings a unique approach to multi-generational family businesses.

As a specialist family business advisor Lea works closely with the matrilineal descendants in families and with young female entrepreneurs. As the 5th generation of a strong and passionate European family she understands and respects the importance of family relationships and inter-generational communication. With her background in anthropological and gender studies Lea provides a unique approach working within different cultures and blended families.

Lea is an Advisory Board Member of Family Business Australia, an affiliate member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, a member of Australian Institute of Company Directors and Family Firm Institute (FFI). She is also active in philanthropy and is actively involved in a number of not-for-profit organisations. Lea is also the CEO of the specialist consulting division of BOYCE Family Office - Family Capital 100.

Richard Fisher



Richard is a highly respected Project Director experienced across small, medium and large organisation with a specialty in the food & beverages industry. Richard oversees BOYCE Family Office projects across Business Planning, Operations Management, Investor Relations and Contract Negotiation. 

He is a Board Member of BOYCE Family Office and a number of the Boyce family investments and other external organisations. He consults across our clients, our own investments and joint venture partners. Richard leads our FMCG investment portfolio and is responsible for new developments.

Emily Boyce


Emily is one of the next generation of BOYCE Family Office. She is a graduate of the EY NextGen Academy which provides development opportunities for young entrepreneurs to explore their potential and is currently studying Business at RMIT University. As a 6th generation family business member she is a native to the family office environment.

As a business analyst Emily is actively involved in all areas of family office services providing support for the portfolio of investments and external service delivery. This includes being involved with due diligence and administrative support for the Boyce family investments, while providing support to family office clients.

Jason Denny


Jason works across the BOYCE Family Office investments, projects and family office clients.

He provides detailed and high quality accounting functions, including being a Certified Xero advisor. As an RMIT University graduate he brings practical and industry ready experience. Having worked in industry and public practice he has experience across many sectors and is specialising in agribusiness and complex family structures.

Jason also has global exposure through his studies with RMIT University and previous roles. He will be working to complete his CA qualifications.


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