As Director of BOYCE Family Office, Richard Boyce, a 5th generation Boyce Family member, has his own unique family DNA which has a focus enduring family capital. This has created a model in which multiple generations have been able to achieve their goals.

The Boyce family history includes five generations of business owners and leaders in their fields. From newspaper publishers to lawyers, engineers, accountants, retailers and entrepreneurs, the Boyce background has developed, faced challenges and evolved through the generations.

The 100 year business – after starting the Macleay Herald in 1864 the Boyce family went onto establish The Manning River Times newspaper 1899  which was a family owned and run business by two generations before being sold to another long term family business, Fairfax Media. The Boyce family was well respected within their community and the paper was one of the longest family owned and operated newspapers in Australia together with the Fairfax Family.

Richard’s Grandfather, Sir Leslie Boyce K.B.E, was an Australian soldier at Gallipoli during WW1 who returned from war to become a successful lawyer then moving to the United Kingdom to run his own practice, where he also achieved great success as a parliamentarian and philanthropist. He became the first Australian to hold the office of the Lord Mayor of the City of London under King George VI and then Queen Elizabeth II. He received his Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in recognition for his services and leadership to the British Commonwealth. As one of the last hereditary Knighthoods it is currently held by Richards cousin, Sir Robert Boyce K.B.E, a successful Doctor who runs his own surgical practice and leads Boyce Family Office UK.

Sir Leslie was able to achieve his successes surrounded by a dynamic and supportive wife, Lady Mayberry (born Melbourne, Australia), and three professional sons, whom ran law practices and Richards’s father, an engineering practice. Richards’s cousins Edward and Phillip Boyce carry on the law legacy running Boyce & Co Solicitors in the UK.

Back in Australia, Richards’s cousin, Michael Boyce established one of Australia’s leading regional accounting businesses, Boyce Chartered Accountants. Michael and family remain very active in farming and agribusiness enterprises. Richard was the next generation family member in the practice when he became a partner in 1998. Michael’s daughter Jane also has the Boyce entrepreneurial spirit, running a highly successful retail and e-commerce business, Birds Nest.

Richard’s sister Miyo, together with her husband, Andrew, run a number of entrepreneurial businesses predominately in the design and e-commerce areas. This includes their key businesses, the global brands of Oishi-M, Bellroy and Carryology, along with a number of other start up companies.

Through the values of a strong, respected and traditional family background Richards passion for family business was ignited. It has also provided the background and understanding of the wide and varied ideologies that are involved within multi generational families. The values engrained throughout the generations of the Boyce family have encouraged them to live by the goals of  “making a difference and leaving a legacy”. Richard and his wife Lea, who leads BOYCE Family Office, are committed to this goal and mentoring future generations to do the same.

The Boyce Family certainly live by the family crest motto of  “Do it with thy might”.


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