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A Time for Reflection

The holiday season is traditionally a time for us all to rest, reflect and importantly rejuvenate and this year we certainly have a lot to reflect on.

The year 2020 has been filled with some of the biggest challenges for Australia and the rest of the world. These have come in the shape of bushfires, drought followed by the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Many families have been tested with forced separations, isolations and sadly in some cases tragedy. Our hearts are with you. 2020 has highlighted the importance of family, its strength and resilience, core values and key principles which underpin their on-going legacy.

For us this year has reinforced why we are committed to working with private family groups. Families have come together, often despite physical separations, in a way they have not before. There has been opportunity to communicate more deeply and honestly as we all let down our tough exteriors even for just a little while. Family businesses have shown great strength, many fighting to keep their businesses going and teams employed. It is family business that is the backbone of economies around the world and they will lead the charge of our economic recovery.

Over 2020, we have maintained our commitment to generational thinking, working to consolidate your family’s interests to provide a solid platform for future growth and longevity to ensure smooth inter-generational succession when the appropriate prospect arises. As we journey into 2021, we will continue to walk alongside our network and ensure our services remain bespoke to clients needs, understanding that every family is different, at different stages of growth, knowledge and expectation.

We look forward to 2021 with great optimism and to reconnecting with many of you face to face. We wish you and your family a peaceful, safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

Best Wishes from us and all of the BOYCE Family Office team

Lea & Richard Boyce




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